Refreshing a Brand

During my time at the Nebraska Alumni Association, I was charged with redeveloping our visual identity system. This meant designing a wordmark as a secondary logo and refreshing the typographic system, color palette, and brand standards. The design process involved an exploration of the traditions, history, and visual gestalt recognized by our diverse alumni base. Incorporating a throwback look with a modern twist, the design of the resulting wordmark, typographic treatments, and brand attributes celebrated Nebraska’s past with classic type and familiar colors, being mindfully appealing to alumni of all generations.



A New Visual Identity

After redefining the NAA’s brand identity came an overhaul of the visual identity system and collateral print material. I chose typographic treatments that balanced bold, athletic-feeling fonts with a spirited script. Illustrations brought the character of campus to life through a striking scarlet and cream color palette. The combined effect of these elements was a nostalgic, yet modern update to the visual system.